Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Suicide Run to The Salmon River

I didn’t hunt this weekend..Instead me and a few friends did the suicide run to the Salmon River in NY..They picked me up at 1:30 am on Saturday, a few cups of coffee and driving 80 miles an hour and we arrived in Pulaski NY at 5:30am.. The first stop was at Fat Nancy's to grab a few supplies and get a bad fishing report and then a quick bite to eat (absolutely necessary with this group)..The river has been in drought conditions, I have never seen it that low, which prompted the state to shut down the Lower Fly Fishing stretch to protect the good head of fish that took up residence..According to the reports the Cohos were stacked in the estuary, so we decided to fish as low as possible, which meant the Douglaston Stretch (DSR)..The DSR is a private 2.5 miles on the lower river. The owner charges $30 a head to access the river (yes, the landowners OWN the river and the fishing rights, they have one a half dozen law suits over the years, even one that went to the supreme court)..Everyone else had the same idea, and the river was crowded. We fished the clay hole and out of the 4 of us, only one caught a salmon ( a nice, fresh 20# coho)..I hooked one on an egg pattern and he made a run and went right under a log jam and broke my tippet..My other friend hooked 3 but lost all..We all caught about half a dozen Salmon River Tarpon (chubs)each..No-one was really catching fish..I saw about a dozen go by from in the 5 hours we fished the DSR..We broke for a late lunch and stopped by the hatchery on the Upper River, barely any fish had entered the hatchery..We fished Altmar, I caught a few smallmouth but we didn’t see a Salmon..Last stop was the Tropper Hole, I caught 3 chubs and a 13in rainbow..The leaves just started to change and with the chill in the air, it felt like Fall and Hunting Season..I really wanted to be in my treestand that afternoon but it was 300 miles away..With no fish in the river we called it quits at 5pm and headed South..I walked in the house at 9pm (not bad timing for the suicide run)...So I spent a beautiful Fall day on the Salmon River with some close friends, I really didn’t miss anything..My treestand will be there next Saturday, hopefully Mr. Big will stop by to say hello...(sorry, I forgot my camera)


Wanda said...

Thanks for writing this.

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