Sunday, October 7, 2007

Next Years Buck..

Sept. 29, 2007

It is a unique experience, sitting in a treestand in the dark waiting for those first rays of light to break through the forest...The anticipation and expections make your mind go wild.. A feeling only a hunter can truely understand..This morning was no different, except the bright moon created a a piece of abstract art on the forest floor..A checkerboard of light patches that was slowly changing and moving until it eventually faded to bright..shooting light came slowly but by 6:30 I was expecting to see deer start to enter the oaks to feed and as if on a schedule, a young buck came trotting down the bridal path and entered the oaks and started munching away on fresh acorns. The spike was only 10 yards away when he got a nose full of my scent. He couldnt figure out my location but he knew that he didnt want to spend any more time in the oaks and trotted down the gully and out of sight..The rest of the morning I watched about a half dozen does slowly feed through the gully but never came into the oaks or even closer than 80 yards..I looked at my watch and noticed it was 8:30, I only had a half hour left to hunt and wished hard that a nice big buck would make his way in my direction. A few minutes later and I caught movement in the gully. The next thing I saw was the top of a nice rack entering the oaks. He was a decent 8 pt buck, slightly smaller than the 8 pt I saw last week..He fed on the edge of the drop off just outside my hunting range..A nearby squirrel startled him and he moved in my direction eventually standing 8 yards away..I had my camera ready but he was just too close and I didnt want him to hear the load "click" of my nikon..He slowly fed down the bridal path and entered the thicket behind me..He will be a shooter next year and maybe our paths will cross again....

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